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Najm Al-Ghadraa Company is a Saudi national company whose idea emerged many years ago and worked in many fields before its establishment on the ninth of Rabi` Al-Akhir, 1427 Hijri. In our belief in the importance of specialization, we have already specialized in the field of excavation, filling and removal of heights in accordance with the plans handed over to us. We have the technical cadre that is qualified to work in accordance with our customary technical requirements. We also have an adequate amount of modern equipment and space equipment which enable us to complete the work in a good manner and as soon as possible. Whereas, we believe that the work will be done with the best technical specification as soon as possible and this is the secret of our distinction. We are not the only Company in this field, but our distinction of speed and mastery makes us the best in this field, so our goal is to do the best and the speed achievement in the time.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeing a comprehensive renaissance in various aspects of life. Its growth and high civility, in which it simulates the most advanced countries in the world, is considered the result of many years of hard work and concerted efforts between the public and private sector and between institutions and individuals at all levels, and in all sectors, till the urban renaissance took place throughout the country.

Najm Al Ghadraa for Contracting Company is proud to be a firm and shiny name in the world of contracting in the Riyadh region and proceeds within fixed principles, from which the most important is to serve the homeland and the citizen and contribute to the advancement of the wheel of construction and development through the commitment to provide the service of construction with the highest Saudi specifications, and this is one of the core development of the activity of contracting and development activity seen in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia thanks to God, then thanks to the government of this country under the leadership of the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince, God bless them. Therefore, the interest of this leadership is the service of development and prosperity of this blessed country land and people. Our company has kept pace with the general development of the country over the past years, until it became, praise be to God, one of the leading companies in the field of contracting to achieve its goals and ambitious plans. So the company added some other activities and investments to its general activity to be a new core to be added to its various activities, and the company was keen to be distinguished in its work and projects as it considers full compliance with specifications, standards, quality and environmental and occupational safety rules as one of the main pillars for progress and success.


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our ambitious is not only for providing service, but for the competetion for excellence


Human building , which is the core of teamwork, is the foundation of our values.

The contracting sector is a strong economic development arm that contributes effectively to the renaissance and development of countries. This sector plays an important role in construction and building, accelerating the growth of emerging economies and providing a sound infrastructure for all services. The contracting sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeing steady growth in view of the supported government and private projects boom.

International Defense Exhibition Project

The Boulevard Project, Riyadh City

MDL Beast Project

Entertainment Authority

Our Custumers

heavy equipment

We have the necessary heavy equipment Backfill and deportation projects in all its forms Drilling projects for all types of soil Transportation projects and supplying all kinds of concrete, bricks and base courses


Crusher product Projects for the settlement of plans, governmental and commercial complexes Ferries, bridges, buildings, drainage and sewage disposal Providing tippers and heavy equipment for projects

General Contracting

General contracting for buildings, road maintenance and cleaning, restoration and operation of buildings, road works, rental of heavy equipment, water works, sewage works, road maintenance, city cleaning and waste disposal