Brief on Al Najm Contracting

Najm Al-Ghadraa Company is a Saudi national company whose idea emerged many years ago and worked in many fields before its establishment on the ninth of Rabi` Al-Akhir, 1427 Hijri.

The speech of Company's Chairman of BOD

Najm Al-Ghadraa Contracting Company is one of the Saudi Arabia companies in Riyadh and the leader in the field of contracting through its implementation of many private and public projects which were achieved thanks to Allah Almighty and then by the grace of security that prevails in the country under the good government and through unifying vision and efforts of the management of the institution and all its employees towards achieving the desired goal of its establishment.

The company will continue its excellence and its highness by applying the best systems in technical and professional management in the implementation of its projects, in addition to attracting trained technical and management competencies, raising the level of its employees and providing them with material and moral support.

Our company also pays great attention to its clients from government and private departments and individuals that we are honored to work with, as well as we care and communicate with suppliers of equipment, tools and materials used in the establishment of our projects of high specifications and quality.

We seek to make all efforts to overcome obstacles and provide the requirements for our affiliates to enable them to carry out their work according to the latest and best technologies, under safe and healthy environmental and health conditions to achieve your satisfaction and obtain your approval.

Chairman of BOD


Speech of Project Manager

No doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and in order to develop our present, we must set a clear vision for our future .. We have a variety of commercial activities, including contracting, based on solid foundations that apply the latest administrative systems in the management of organizations and facilities, looking forward, not only to expansion locally and regionally, but also looking forward to the global system, management and spread, keeping in mind the values and principles on which we grew up and on which we have established our great family in each of its members. Investing in human development is the cornerstone of business success and continuity, and our vision for success relates to measuring the satisfaction of our clients and meeting their aspirations and needs.

We are still continuing to strive to improve our performance, make the better, and to search for new opportunities to increase our activities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so I pray to God Almighty that Najm Al Ghadraa for Contracting Company continues its path and contributes to the prosperity of our national economy and the promotion of development for our children and our future society.

Project Manager

Calissification Category

We are classified by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in the first degree

Company accreditation

Believing in the importance of specialization, we have already specialized in the field of excavation, backfilling and removal of heights according to the plans handed over to us. possible time, as we believe in completing the work with the best technical specifications and the fastest time, and this is the secret of our distinction. We are not the only ones in this field, but our excellence in speed and proficiency makes us the best in this field.


• Implementation of projects with a high level of quality, proficiency and efficiency to achieve the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of our services and gain their confidence. • Commitment to implement projects within the specified time. • Community service by recruiting and training national talent cadres in proportion to their work. • Constant care to provide the latest modern technology. The contracting sector is a strong economic development arm that contributes effectively to the renaissance and development of countries. This sector plays an important role in construction and building, accelerating the growth of emerging economies and providing a sound infrastructure for all services. The contracting sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeing steady growth in view of the supported government and private projects boom.


Our company aspires to provide high quality services to meet the needs of customers


Entrepreneurship, customer service, and active participation in building civilization, progress and advancement with hones base.

Our framework

Our company is active in all the cities and governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with the same quality that we provide for giant projects, we accept all clients who want to accomplish Backfill and deportation projects in all its forms Drilling projects for all types of soil Transportation projects, supplying all kinds of concrete, concrete, and basalt chorus Projects for the settlement of plans, governmental and commercial complexes Ferries, bridges, buildings, drainage and sewage disposal Providing tippers and heavy equipment for projects